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By Steve Patel | Online Payday Loans

Nov 02

World of online payday loans is vast, but a lot of those online payday loans agencies are nothing but scam sites, looking for easy prey. But I won’t go any further into those sites and anything connected with them. What I want to do in this article is present you few online payday sites that provide good offers and more than that- they will not screw you over.

Right now, buy several rating sites, the best site for payday loans is 100DayLoans. In short, they will provide loans up to 1 000 dollars within minute or two. Major downturn of this site is its live chat, an automated system that is activated through key words.


100DayLoans is heavily regulated site whose loans are available in 42 states of USA. This site will connect you with lenders willing to lend you some money, and even though you will find it difficulturl to get full 1 000 dollars in first or second loan, it will become easier as you repay few lesser loans. 100DayLoans doesn’t offer a specific interest rate, because lenders you are connected with have a saying in that. In general, interest rates you find through this site are not as large as you will find somewhere else. APR of those loans is 615 percent for first few loans, but as you confirm yourself as good borrower they will go down even to 59 percent in some cases.

When it comes to repayment terms, normal 14-day rule is applied, but it can go up to 100 days as it is stated in name of the site. It all comes down to you and the lender, and the agreement made between the two of you.


NetLoanUSA is another fast loan matching service which leaves a lot of terms to parties involved in loan creation. This loans has a huge network of lenders, and it will connect you with one whenever you ask for a loan. It has a lot of similarities with 100DayLoans, in many aspects. Their APR is a bit higher than the 100DayLoans, and it goes from 384 and up to 789 percent. These percentages are done on annual level and they should not concern you as long as you are able to pay those loans. In that case, for 100 dollars of loan you will have to pay between 10 and 30 dollars of the interest on 14-day repayment time.slide_10


24/7Loan is another highly competitive service that connects borrowers and lenders. Similar rules are applied here as they are for previous two services. Average APR on loans provided through 24/7Loan are identical to previous site, but at the end it is all up to lender. 24/7Loan site is simple and easy to use, and they do not require extensive documents that are required by some other services. When it comes to support 24/7Loan has FAQ section which will give you many answers you might have, everything from general info on how the lending process works up to repayment conditions and other info on that subject.

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