Here is all you need to know about budget weddings

By Steve Patel | Budget Tips

Feb 13

The end of the wedding season is upon us. As the wedding season draws to a close , couples who are going to get married next year already start to plan their weddings, making budgets and saving up to finance their big day. With day to day expenses rising, it can be impossible for most people in their 20s and 30s to finance a lavish wedding.

Unfortunately, most people believe that weddings need to be lavish. That is the not case, a wedding simply needs to be memorable and if you are able to play your chips right, a wedding on a budget can be as memorable as a lavish wedding.

This article highlights some of the tips and tricks that you need to know about weddings on a budget.

Keep the Guest List in-check
Yes it’s your wedding day, yes it’s a big day and if all things go right, this is the first and the last time you’ll get hitched to your soul mate. There is bound to be an urge to throw a lavish wedding putting everyone you know on the guest list. Yet, that is not the right way to go about it. Your wedding if your special day, make sure you spend it with special people around you. Invite your friends and family that really matter to avoid a large bill at the end of the day.

Let the Vendor Use Cards to decrease Price
An important aspect about getting a wedding done on a budget is being smart and playing the vendors to your advantage. There may be a number of people that you might hire for different gigs at your wedding such as florists, DJs etc. Let them advertise at your wedding and in exchange get them to drive their price down. Let them place a small card for each service at the guest tablets so that they think they are getting something out of the deal for themselves.

Have Your Friends and Family contribute in the wedding
Getting wedding gifts may be all rosy and sweet but that isn’t really worth as much economic value as help from your friends and family would be. For example, if a friend of yours is able to sing well, ask them to sing at your wedding instead of bringing you a gift. The same is the case with photography and other similar services.
Use Your Home or a Public Park for the ceremony

Hotels, function halls, buildings, etc. can be a costly to rent. This can drive up your wedding budget to astronomical heights if you aren’t careful. A better way to organize a wedding on a budget is to use your own home. If that isn’t large enough, use your parents’ or get it the ceremony done in a public park. Venue costs can take up a sizeable chunk of wedding expenses and eliminating them altogether leaves you more room to spend and still stay within budget.

If a budget wedding is planned and executed the right way, it can be as memorable and as everlasting in memory as a lavish extravaganza might.

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